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Jus to celebrate Ohno month, Ive decided to made this plain and simple Ohno wallie~
I know I shuld make one for Arashi since its their CD debut month too but I jus can't find the mood @___@

 Ive uploaded some vids I made not long ago as a sub for the wallies ~
Enjoe ^^

RMBR tat the sizes are make according to my preferences for my com so it won't follow the standard size ^^    


Ohno Month ~ )

Sizes : 1680 x 1050  


Note: Cos I was missing MMA so decided to made this vid. Moments that shows how much arashi cares for the elderly :D

Note: Need I say more? The title says it all XD

Note: Ohno reminscing the moments with his members. Kinda Ohno-centric~
 I guess it kinda fit this month theme tho ^^

Comments are LOVED XD
Pls credit when taking.
Do NOT post it anywhere else and claim it at ur own. Just link it back here.

And most of all NO HOTLINKING! 
Ohno Month ~ ) 
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I Like tiny arashi all over my wallies XDXDXDXD

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This time I made Oono and Aiba's wallies!~
Taking a break from group ones Lol!

And this time there are more choices off sizes you can use! ^^

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