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Hi!!! Jus wanna intro myself since I made up my mind to use LJ as a place to rants~ Not all of the time tho XD

I am a BIG Fan of Arashi since end of 2007. I may not be a long time fan but the love I have for them are almost the same as those who have known them since their debut. I was Ohno-baited and now I love all of them equally~

Aside from Arashi, I also LOVES DBSK and FT Island. Loves DBSK since 2006 and FTI since 2007. Others might see me as an anti-kpop. Can't say I'm not an anti though. I do find K-pop annoying but I like some of them still. So i prefer to be known as sick of K-pop rather than anti K-pop. 

Anyway, I listens to mainly Japanese musics and a variations of others languages~


As you can see, currently I am using LJ as a place to share my graphics and arts. But now, I will use it to post my thoughts too!

You nd not add me to view the graphics as I will leave it open. However, some entries to my private life may be locked so if you know me personally ( from school or online ), feel free to leave a comment and I wil add you back.

However if I don know you, its fine to add me too though I won add you back~
Though I will add you in the future if we talked with each other later on ^^

If you want to add me on Facebook, pls send me a message!
I'm happy to know more Arashi fans XDXD


Name: Huda ( short-name )
Country: Singapore


EDIT: I've also created my own arts community so all my drawings will no longer be posted here! I apologise to those who have added me for that purpose >_<

That is all :DDD
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\0/  \0/  \0/     おたんじょうび おめでとう 大野 智~!! \0/  \0/  \0/
Happy 30th birthday~!

One of the reasons among millions of why I love you:
Your beautiful slender yet manly hands XD

click for larger view

My Birthday Message to Leader: 

 I hope you will remain the forever boke natural airhead of Arashi. Please take care of yourself and although I know how much you love fishing, please do not overdo it ^^ 
And also always remain the same laidback guy I've fallen in love with <3

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