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Title: His Anger (7/?)
Pairings: Yama ( Sakurai Sho/Ohno Satoshi )
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Angst, fluff, romance, drama
Warning: OOC?
Summary: Ohno finally found out about the truth and two new complications arises…
A/N: From now on, I will make a community for my fics and post it there~ This will be the last fic I'm posting in my journal!  Please join if you wish to continue reading my fics ^^
Huda's Arashi Fanfics/

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Chapter 06   |  

Sho widened his eyes as he read the text message he just received few minutes ago. It was from Seika and it appeared she was asking him out for a dinner. Now he might have told Ohno that there was nothing between him and Seika but he wasn’t sure about the other party. Recently she had been messaging him more frequently than he would like her to and because of that he had grown more wary and always reply her cautiously, making sure there wasn’t any other meaning aside from a simple reply from a friend.

‘Should I accept?’ Sho pondered deeply. ‘If I do, Ohno won’t be pleased about this but then again I can at least make myself clear to her just in case.’

Finally making up his mind, he sent the reply and flipped close his cell phone. Stretching his arms and back he looked around the green room. It’s certainly was quieter without the members. He and Ohno had arrived first for the filming of Hatenai Sora promotional video and the older man had visited the restroom, like he always do before the start of work.

Hearing a click from the door, he turned his head expecting to see the lead vocalist but he was greeted by the sight of a frowning Jun. Sho gave him a brief nod when the youngest member muttered ‘good morning’. He smiled as he observed his friend fumbled for his earpiece drowsily. ‘Mornings will never be Matsujun’s buddy,’ Sho thought as he laughed quietly.

“Where’s Leader?” Jun asked after noticing the missing member.
“At the toilet,” Sho answered easily and picked up the newspaper at his side. Jun nodded his head and walked towards him. Standing in front of him, Jun crossed his arms.

“That means he will take forever which also means he won’t have to hear what I am going to ask you.”

Sho slowly placed down his newspaper knowing this was going to take awhile especially at the determination yet hint of curiosity in Jun’s eyes. Grabbing a chair nearby, Jun dragged it in front of Sho and sat with the chair’s back in front of him. Folding his arms across the back of the chair, Jun began his questionnaire.

“How long have you been contacting Seika-san?” Jun began curiously.

“Not really that long. A few weeks I guess,” the other man replied cautiously, eyeing the taller man. Jun leaned forward and placed his chin on his arms as he peered over at Sho beneath thick eyelashes.

“Is she…okay?” Jun murmured slowly. Sho knew the double meaning of his question and he sighed. Leaning forward, he placed his elbows on his thighs and interlaced his hands together before resting his forehead against it.

“So far from what I see, she seemed to have recovered from it,” Sho muttered tiredly, his eyes closed and eyebrows frowning. There was a brief silence before Sho looked up to stare directly at Jun.

“Maybe I made a mistake to contact her at the beginning.”

Jun remained quiet. He knew he could hear the plea in the tone when Sho said it, asking him to tell him it’s not a mistake. But still, he couldn’t say anything. He chose his words carefully for his next question, hoping this might be the answer to everything.

“Are you still thinking of Aiko-san?”

At the mention of the name Sho’s eyes widened in shock and his mouth fell open as he stared incredulously at Jun. The younger man remained unmoved and merely stared back, waiting for the denial or confirmation. Closing his half-gaping mouth, he looked behind Jun, a faraway look on his face. Slowly, he gave a tiny nod. At the gesture, Jun pursed his lips and straightened up.

“Sho-san, you have Ohno now…” he began seriously almost glaring at the dazed man. “I know she was an important person to you but that’s all in the past.”

Sho snapped out of his thoughts at the reprimanding tone of his member. Glaring at the latter he retorted. “Of course I know that!”

Jun raised an eyebrow at the defensive stance Sho was taking. “Then why are you thinking about her?”

“I, I wasn’t…” the newscaster replied hesitantly. Slumping back against the sofa, he threw his arms over his eyes, shoulders slumping in defeat.

“If you’re not then, stop making that face everytime you received a message from her sister,” Jun said gently as he fiddled with the beads of his bracelet on his right hand. Not hearing any reply, Jun heaved out a heavy sigh and made a move to stand up.


At the soft voice, Jun stopped and looked at Sho, who still had his face covered. The younger man waited patiently for him to gather his wits and continue his sentence which he finally did after a minute.

“I’m meeting up with Seika this Saturday…”
“I’m meeting with her to make things clear between us.”
“And Aiko?”

Jun shook his head, disappointed at the lack of answer. He stood up and walked towards his friend. Sho removed his arm when he heard the approaching footsteps and glanced up.

“Just remember this Sho-san. If you ever hurt Ohno-san, I will take him away from you.” Jun warned cheekily. Sho chuckled and shook his head. “I promise I won’t hurt him.”

Jun smiled. “I know you won’t. But before you do meet her, I want you to at least tell leader about this,” Jun advised him gently, placing a hand on his sloping left shoulder. “He’s really worried about you.”

“Yeah, I will explain everything to him.”
“You damn well better be.”

Sho and Jun turned to the new voice and saw Nino leaning against the now opened door, with his arms across his chest and a bored look on his face. Sho frowned once he realized that the man had been behind the door all along.

“How long have you been there Nino?” Sho asked a bit pissed at the younger man for eavesdropping. Nino rolled his eyes.

“From the beginning,” he replied carelessly. “I figured I might as well stay outside since if I had entered, you guys would have stop this discussion which you insisted that it’s personal,” Nino added as he stared pointedly at Sho.

“Anyway, I could act as a distraction for Oh-chan because I’m sure you two didn’t want him in particular to hear.”

Cursing himself for Nino’s quick-thinking, Sho remained silent, seeing that there was no way he could retort back. Jun, on the other hand, snorted and stood up. “I’m sure you were more concern about our talk rather than Ohno finding out,” Jun muttered sarcastically, dragging the chair back to its original position.

Nino merely grinned which confirmed Jun’s accusation. Sho sighed and he too stood up, making his way past the smirking man. “I’m going to look for Satoshi. He is taking too long in the restroom.” Sho said over his shoulder.

With that he closed the door. A few seconds later, Nino turned around to face Jun who was busy digging through his bag. Walking towards the latter, he placed his own bag beside him and looked at him, tilting his head to one side.

“So Sho-chan is thinking about his ex huh?”
“It’s a whole lot more complicated than that.”
“How so? You know what? I don’t want to know. It will just make me more pissed than I’m already am,” Nino mumbled as he dumped his cap in his bag.

“Though I can’t believe you even dared to joke that you’re gonna steal Oh-chan away if Sho messed up,” Nino pointed out in wonder before walking away to the other side of the room, in search of some magazines on the dressing table. Jun stopped his movements at the remark and smiled sadly to himself.

“It would be nice if I was really joking…” came the whisper, too soft for Nino to hear.


Ohno glanced sideways at Sho who was silently taking in the view of the passing scenery. A few hours back, the latter had asked him to come to his house because he had something to tell. From then till now, the younger man was silent and frankly it’s getting on his nerves. Pouting his lips, he frowned at turned to look outside.

Apparently, Sho had mentioned the plan to their driver, Kazuki because he didn’t take the normal route which lead to Ohno’s house first. They finally reached Sho’s house and after bidding their driver and manager goodnight, they headed inside.

“Satoshi, you want anything to drink?”
“Just some plain water is fine.”

The oldest man slumped on the couch, his bag at the side on the floor. Sho had taken off his outer clothing, leaving his singlet on, and walked to the kitchen. Ohno looked over to see the man took out a bottle from the fridge and pouring it in a glass. He really admires his boyfriend’s hard muscular biceps and loves the way it ripples as he moves. He continued with his observation as Sho passed him the glass of water, not even bothering to hide from the latter the fact that he was ogling. Sho sat down beside him, leaving a small gap between them and scratched his head, oblivious to the attention he was receiving.

“So what is it that you want to tell me?” Ohno began after taking a sip. The man beside him paused and turned to face him.

“Today I received a message from Seika-san…”
“She wanted to meet up with me this Saturday.”

Sho grew nervous when he received no response after that. Ohno was staring straight, still holding the glass with both hands between his legs. A few minutes passed. Sho could hear the clock in his bedroom ticking.

“Eh?” Sho asked startled, at the sudden breaking of silence. Ohno who still haven’t met his eyes, repeated.
“So what did you say?”
“….I agreed…”

At that Ohno spun to face Sho. The newscaster wanted to squirm under the intensity of the glare. “You agreed?” Ohno repeated slowly. All Sho could do was nodded. Ohno bit his lips and placed his glass on the coffee table, almost slamming it.

“What is this Sho-kun?”
“First you said you like me but now you are meeting up with a woman behind my back.”
“No, that’s not it Satoshi…”
“You won’t even tell me your problems! Do you expect me to just watch as you moved about in your daily life with that look on your face everytime you text her?”

“There’s a limit to how much I can be patient Sho-kun,” Ohno muttered forlornly, eyes glistening with unshed tears though his gaze still sharp. Even though Ohno had said all of that quietly, Sho felt as though he had shouted it instead because it felt so loud in his ears. Ohno glanced at the side and closed his eyes.

“Forget it. I’m going home,” he whispered angrily before getting on his feet abruptly.

Sho was so surprised at the fast sudden movements Ohno had made that by the time he registered what his boyfriend had said, the latter was already walking towards the door with his bag slung over his left shoulder.

“S, Satoshi wait!”

Ohno ignored the cry and didn’t falter in his steps. However his body jerked to a sharp stop when his right arm was held in a strong, tight grip. Without turning around, he tried to shake the offending hands off but it was futile. He dropped his bag by his side and clenched his fist.

“Hold it! At least let me explain!”
“Let me go.”
“Not until you listen to my reasons!”

Although Ohno didn’t refuse, he wouldn’t turn to face Sho either when the man urged him to turn around. Sho who still has his right hand on his leader’s, rolled his eyes at his stubbornness.

“I was planning to meet her to clear things just in case she’s making something out of this relationship I have with her.”

“I’m not going on a date with her,” Sho said gently and slowly wrapped his arms around Ohno’s shoulder. Sho placed a soft kiss at the junction connecting Ohno’s neck and shoulder, noticing that Ohno didn’t even budge at the actions.

“I’m really sorry Satoshi.”

Knowing he couldn’t remain angry for long, Ohno sighed and turned around. Punching Sho’s chest half-heartedly, he frowned as he looked at Sho defiantly, still a bit miffed. Sho chuckled and leaned forward to place their foreheads together. Looking at Ohno’s eyes, he smiled. “I think it’s time for me to tell you about this Seika.”

“About Seika-san?”

Slowly and carefully, Sho maneuvered them back to the couch without breaking their embrace. Once the back of his knees hit the edge of the couch, Sho let his body falls back and pulled Ohno along, making the latter sprawl over him. Ohno made himself comfortable, laying his head on the newscaster’s chest as the latter wrapped an arm around him.

“Seika… She was the sister of my girlfriend, Aiko, back in junior school. They were my juniors. At first the three of us were just friends but somehow me and Aiko became more than. However even after that, the three of us would still hang out together everyday.”

“But I didn’t realize that Seika was in love with me too. Actually both of us only found out when I had entered high school. Apparently, Seika had tried to slit Aiko’s throat in the middle of the night.”

Ohno looked at him an expression akin to horror reflected on his face. Sho gave Ohno a dry, sad smile. “I rushed to the hospital and from what I gathered when Aiko recounted the accident, Seika was having a depression. They didn’t realize that she’s always cutting herself and cries alone at night.”

“Apparently, she was screaming at Aiko that I was hers to have and that she wished her sister would just die and leave us alone.”

Ohno pulled back slightly to look at Sho. “And you think by telling me this, I would be disgusted or angry at you?” he asked with a ridiculous tone. Sho didn’t reply but instead continued his story.

“Seika was sent for psychiatric rehabilitation overseas where she received treatment for few years. After that, my relationship with Aiko was strained. I think she partly blames me for what had happened to her sister. But I think she blames herself the most for not noticing the changes. In the end she decided to break things off when their family decided to move to where Seika was. The letter I received was the last thing I heard from her. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye…”

Sho ended it with a sad longing in his voice. Ohno didn’t know what he could say to comfort him so all he could do was lay his head back on Sho’s chest and offered him some physical comfort.

Aiko must be his first love. First loves are always hard to get over. Furthermore it was not Sho who had made the decision to end the relationship but Aiko’s. There were a lot of questions he wanted to ask. Like ‘Didn’t you look for her?’ or ‘Do you still love her?’

But Ohno refrained from asking it now when Sho had bared his soul to him. Aside from that, Ohno was scared. He was scared that if Sho said yes and Aiko came back, he would lose him. He was so used to the warmth Sho had showed him recently. Ohno closed his eyes and hug Sho tighter, feeling the brief response from Sho when he did so.

Without realizing, Ohno had already fallen for the newscaster. Hard.

To Be Continue…

A/N: From now on, I will make a community for my fics and post it there~ This will be the last fic I'm posting in my journal!  Please join if you wish to continue reading my fics ^^
Huda's Arashi Fanfics/

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