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 Read the title? Then I shouldn't be receiving any flames or whatever 'cause this is basically just my opinions.

As we all know by now, Japan had been hit by an earthquake of 8.9 magnitude and still receiving the aftershocks hours later. What I'm about to rant might seem true to some and ridiculous to others.


I have to admit when I first heard about this, my first thoughts were 'Oh my god, is Arashi okay?'. Now, I might sound like an asshole saying that when there were thousands and thousands of people out there who were suffering. But can you blame me when all the people I really know about in Japan were them? ( as well as other artists ) I'm not trying to find excuses here but that's the truth. I'm being honest and not going oh my god I hope the people are alright when somehow I'm secretly wishing that my idols are fine. But of course I do care about the people there. If not, I wouldn't even bother keeping up to the news even when I know that the guys are fine.


Ever since the disaster, many have been re-blogging the Pray for Japan posts in Tumblr. At first I thought that was sweet but then my friend made me realised something. What's the use of re-blogging the praying stuffs when you could do it privately? Without announcing to the world?

It's not that I find them irritating or whatsoever. Sure they can pray for them but do you need to re-blog it every 5 seconds? My friend said those people are just being pretentious. Maybe that could be referred to me since I've been spamming Facebook with news about Japan's earthquake but I have to agreed with him. Though I stayed my ground for which I disagreed. For example:

" When you carry the Bible, Satan gets a headache.....When you open it, he collapses....When he sees you reading it he faints....When he sees you living it, he flees......And just when you are about to repost this, he'll try to discourage you. I JUST DEFEATED HIM!!!! REBLOG "
Isn't this just a post that just demands attention? I mean the person might have good intentions but all I can sense is that person's just wanting people to re-blog his post as many as possible.


Heartless jerks. I've encountered many comments online saying it's their karma for what the Japan did in WW2. Now all I can say is bullshit. Are we even born then to hold grudges? My country, Singapore was once being slaved and tortured by Japan and do you see me going around hating it? Seriously, we don't even have the rights to hold grudges when we were not even there to begin with. If you want to hold grudges, have them for USA for creating the wars against Iraq. At least it happened in recent years and not more than 50 years back. And people who said they deserved it, all I can say is I PRAY that Karma will hit THEM so hard, they will be begging for people to help them.

Overall. I may not know those people in Japan in real life but that doesn't mean we cannot sympathise with their suffering. 

That's all. Will wait for more news about Japan's situation.
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WOOW re-reading allKpop, i realise i missed out alot~
LOL JYJ... I always knew u guys were kinda money-minded...

Like i've been saying to anyone who bother to listen, even if SM is working their butts off ( and i still say they r wrong to do so ), it is THEIR signature on the contract. Unless SM drugged them or they were illiterate at that time, its their own fault for signing up the contract. But well i can't blame them.. When a chance of fame is being offered to u, u would tend to accept without thinking about the future.

If yunho and changmin wan to resume their careers instead of waiting for those three ( who had ruined theirs in the first place ) i don c any wrong for them to move on.. For the first time since I started hating Shindong, I agreed with him defending Yunho and Changmin.. Especially the part about gratitude~

'Cause no matter how sucky and sick SM is, they are the ones who offered them the glory to be famous.. Sure TVXQ had worked hard to reach there( and the annoying fans who keep saying without them there won be TVXQ >__> ), but without that exposure and chance of debut, they would jus be some nameless juniors..

I wonder what happened to all those who said they don hav any complications in the group >__>

I mean why are the fans soo overly shocked abt the tense situation between JYJ and the other two.. When this disagreements like this occurs, there are bound to be problems between them. I called this real life.. so fans can stop their delusional thinking that they are all fine and dandy with each other @__@

If they think that everything will remain the same, den they haven been growing up enough..

and i still can't stand the fact tat the fans still blame SM for everything >___>
PLS.. the members are NOT AT ALL free of any accusations la..

Now I havta wonder why I even bother writing this.. I guess part of it must be due to er... overzealous fans writing in the comment abt Junsu's tweet.. Seriously, if Junsu wans to tweet abt his disagreements or unhappiness, I don get why it affects the fans AT ALL.. its a conversation between frens.. If fans wan to remain supportive den they shuld jus accept watever decisions their idols made even if they disagree with it.

Weeeeellll, unless they r still in their LA-LA land where they think TVXQ will reunite again.. I have totally given up on that ever since the lawsuit began~

But I do havta wonder why Junsu and Jaejoong did that on their twitter ( Not sure if they are referring it to HoMin but I'm taking it as they do ).. IMO, it shuld be Yunho and Changmin who should voice out their displeasure cos its JYJ who started this mess in the first place.. But I don see those two going around bitching abt betrayal etc.. Atleast not from what I know...

I may sound like I'm siding with Homin but at this point I don really care who I side with. I may like JYJ songs but I never said I like them as a person.. Mayb I cater more to Homin jus becos they don emo so much abt their probs LOl

I mean its kinda funny how JYJ ( well mainly Junsu and Jaejoong ) acted as tho Homin were the ones to sue SM haha

Hmmm... People might say I'm giving this heck-care attitude towards TVXQ now becos I have eyes for a bunch of talentless old men ( in their eyes since their idols are oh-so perfect ) but all I can say is atleast this grp isn't as screwed up.. I never did say Arashi is better than TVXQ... Arashi can't sing as well as TVXQ ( its kinda like a bug DUH to your face ) and only Ohno IMO is better than Yunho.. They are NOT good looking as TVXQ.. The only thing that are good is that they are natural ON TV.. Like I've said a zillion times, personalities goes for me first~ ( Even tho I don know their personalities in real life but its not like we know TVXQ in real life too -.- )

But what's the joy of being a fan if all you do is put them on a pedestral and worship them like they are the purest things on earth? Imperfections are the best cos it makes you a human.TVXQ is imperfect ( unlike wat their fans thought them to be ) and that's why this situations occur.. Fans should rmbr they are humans and not GODS so its okay for them to make mistakes.Fans who think their idols will never do anything wrong are not fans IMO.. I jus call them stalkers LOl

Maybe I should phrase it this way: Fans should just stop butting into their life all the time!

Maybe its a good thing I'm not as crazy as I am about TVXQ 4-5 years ago now cos if I am, den I will jus end up like all those crazy fans who are moaning and praying that their idols will be together. >_>

OMG I'm so gonna get bash for saying all these HAHAHAHA

I think I've ranted enough.. Well, not keeping uptodate does that to you XD

Leave ur thoughts on it cos like I said everyone see this situation differently XD
Jus humor me~

Comparisons between Arashi and TVXQ
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My first post of ranting~
Been meaning to post this but keep forgetting >__>

Anyway I'm gonna share with you my thoughts on Arashi's pairings~
I'm a Yaoi freak if you all still don know.. Means I like seeing guy and guy getting all mushy together 'cause I find it cute.. Jus like guys who likes seeing girl and girl kissing each other.

So I maybe seeing things abit more than what others would normally see but hey, that's why its entitled ' Arashi Couple Huda's Versions' cos its based totally on my opinions and speculations. XD 
And since I'm more for Ohno + OO, all of this are Ohno-centric pairings ^^;
I mean all the other pairings are great but I just like the feelings the members gave out when they are with  their leader XD

Kinda long rant and some picspam~ )
I am not trying to say I want them to be gay or not to be gay. It's just I don't see the difference to us what their sexuality are. I mean even if they are gay, I would still love them lots and not go ' omg they are gay ' and ' I hate them ' etc...

Even if they are straight, its not as if we stand a chance with them ^^
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Im bored cos I woke up early in the morning since I havta go sch but wat do u know?Its cancelled so I'm gonna rant...

but not abt this tho....im just gonna make a comparisons between 2 out of 3 grps that i love ^^

why do i say 2 instead of 3?cos FTI is totally on a different genre since they r a band not a grp~

Click here for some long rants XD  )

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